The coolest self balancing unicycle ever! This self balancing unicycle features taillights, anti-stolen system and flashy led lights. Contact China self balancing unicycle factory for good and cheap electric unicycle.

Panasonic Battery
Panasonic CGR18650CH battery. Safe! No explosion. 264WH battery capacity, can ride 22km per charge. Allow you to charge your mobile devices via USB port.
More For Safe Riding
Pinwheel T2 Relax's LED screen and Remote Control show you the status of your e-scooter. Such as speed, current, temperature, and connection status.
Magnesium Alloy Frame and Pedal
The top high-pressure casting craft of magnesium alloy, spacious and elegant AIO pedal are with perfect performance in skid resistance.
Elegant appearance, smooth design without edges is not only for beauty but also a security for freshmen.
Charge Protection: Over voltage & current protection
High Speed Protection:no speed up when riding at max speed
Over Tilt Protection:motor stop working when tilt pass 45°
Low Power Protection:Buzzing when power less than 15%

PINWHEEL T2 Relax – The Coolest Self Balancing Unicycle

Motor Rated power 350W-600W
Motor Peak power 700W - 1200W
Directions rofessional motor power is a  range not a fixed value.
Motor input voltage 48V-60V
Battery model Panasonic CGR18650CH
Battery type 18650
Battery monomer NO. 32pcs
Battery pack packet mode  16 Series 2   parallel connection
Battery  Capacity 264WH
Battery voltage 60V
Battery charging voltage 67.2V
Battery charging current 1A-3A

Charger input 

Charger output 
Vehicle LED display
Speed,Current, temperature, connection status

Remote control LED display
Speed,Current,temperature, headlight switch, Horn switch
Remote Control Charging 5V 0.5A

Remote control battery capacity
App Support
App requirement IOS 8.2 / Android 4.4
iOS direction Not available now
Safe speed range 18km/h - 25km/h
Alarm speed 20km/h
Reverse drive speed 18km/hFull alarm
Pedal up speed 22km/h
Max speed 25km/h
OEM speed  customization 18km/h - 32km/h
Incline 15°
Turning acceleration  compensation
Turning Angle spacing 5cm10°
Turning radius spacing 75cm
Vehicle atmosphere lamp Support
Atmosphere lamp(Green) Power >75%
Atmosphere lamp(Yellow) Power >50%
Atmosphere lamp(Red) Power >25%
Atmosphere lamp(Red flashing) Power <25%
Vehicle taillights Support
 Taillights(Red) Always turn on with warning lights
 Taillights(Yellow) Brake, speed down, parking for adaptive lights
Vehicle traffic lights Support
Visual distance 5m-10m
Visual range ≤35°
Control method Remote control+App
Vehicle USB power  output Support
USB power output  5V~1A
USB independent work Support
Trolley No
Vehicle control equipment APP/Remote control   optional
Vehicle control equipment level Remote Control A + Priority
Body color (primary) Black (housing) + gray (shin pad) + yellow (Atmosphere Light)
Body color (secondary) White (housing) + gray (shin pad) + yellow (Atmosphere Light)
Body Metal frame Black oxide, aluminum alloy

shell technology
Pedal technology  highlight corrosion&Oxidation resistance
Package  Environmental friendly carton
User manual User manual via scaning QR code
Pedal Stickers No
LOGO(Brand) Silkscreen
LOGO(OEM) Stickers
N.W. 13.7KG
G.W. 15KG
Volume TBD